About Us


Zeal Immigration prides itself on the fact that it was founded with the sole intention of assisting aspiring immigrants who intend to emigrate to prosperous foreign lands in order to realize their dreams and contribute to the development of global society. It is the only organisation in east Ahmedabad that has a proven track record, experience and expertise like no other in this region.

Ten years ago, East Ahmedabad was relatively less developed and no immigration consulting businesses existed. Students had to commute to the western part of the city for such services however, the gap in expectations of students was hard to be bridged by those companies. As a result, Zeal was founded in order to cater to the specific needs of our valued clients and guide them in the right direction.

Being affiliated with top-notch universities in countries like USA, Canada, Australia and Poland gives us an upper hand over other companies and makes visa process for our clients quick, easy and fruitful. We have so far processed more than in numerousvisa applications and obtained visa for thousands of our clients . Our numbers speak for us!

Our Director

  • Kalpesh Talaviya Director